*dedicated to Karen Barad, Rosi Braidotti, Donna Haraway and Bruno Latour


The objective of this project was to generate artistic computer simulations that the intricate interconnections and ever-changing modes of knowledge production. I explored the correlations of input parameters and tweaked them to produce results I could not predict and had never seen before. I created computer-generated “hallucinations” that present immersive scenery with questionable elements and surreal neoplasms, while revealing their machinic origins and creating an alienation effect. The viewer is no longer seduced by a smooth surface into complete deception but can actually detect its making off in the fractures, misreadings, and cracks while still delving into it.

The setup was quite basic: a camera navigated within the interior of a torus, capturing emerging configurations. I used a frame from a previous rendering as the material input, effectively feeding the software its own output. By adjusting the material and lighting parameters, I created interdependencies that were beyond my control and prediction. In approximately 1 out of 1000 frames, an intriguing constellation surfaced, resulting in a remarkable, albeit often peculiar and perplexing, scenario.

This project transformed the relationship between the computer and me. The actant ceased to be a mere extension of my ideas or desires but instead presented me with unfamiliar constellations to be observed, interpreted, discarded, or further developed. I was no longer solely guided by my intentions but instead found myself challenged by unforeseen, enigmatic, and confounding configurations. This mode of working necessitated an adaptive perception and awareness of the outcomes, disrupting established aesthetic and cognitive patterns.

I merely used computer and the software C4D, and no AI applications.

Karjalasta Kajahtaa/ Carelia Calling

Feb/Mar 23

Karjalasta Kajahtaa (Carelia Calling I, II, III)

Karjalasta Kajahtaa III

Karjalasta Kajahtaa II

Karjalasta Kajahtaa I

The Invisible Hand

Dec/Jan 23

Signamite, Grab, Crab




Submarine Embryonic Becomings

Nov 22

seb 3.025, Embryonic Elsewheres* (seb  3.048), seb 3.067 

*the title was inspired by Bayo Akomolafe and Alnoor Ladha: Perverse particles, entangled monsters and psychedelic pilgrimages: Emergence as an ontoepistemology of not-knowing, in: ephemera (2017), p. 819.

seb 3.025

Embryonic Elsewheres (seb  3.048)

seb 3.067


Oct 22

tmf 3.421, tfm 2.002, tmf 1.900

tmf 3.421

tmf 2.002

tmf 1.900