sceneries and scenarios of living knowledge formations

*dedicated to Karen Barad, Rosi Braidotti, Donna Haraway and Bruno Latour

The following images are landscapish entangled sceneries taken through a digital journey into subterranean settings. They appear to be subsoil or submarine – submergings with unsettling diffractive modi that shake spacial and timlely orientations and perceive becomings, confluences, conglomerations, delutions, delusions, defusions, confusions: cosmo-nautic, embroynic states of pluridentities.

The investigations might lead to further immersion into the oscillating states of inter- and intra-cellular activities and fluid exchanges.

The sceneries are rendered as large images (480 x 270 cm)  to allow for microgenerations which can be detected in a close-up investigation.  The details thus reveal contradicting heterotopic microscenes that populate the scenes and scattered fragments of  emergences.

submarine embryonic becomings

Nov/Dec 22

seb 3.025, Embryonic Elsewheres* (seb  3.048), seb 3.067 

*the title was inspired by Bayo Akomolafe and Alnoor Ladha: Perverse particles, entangled monsters and psychedelic pilgrimages: Emergence as an ontoepistemology of not-knowing, in: ephemera (2017), p. 819.

seb 3.025

Embryonic Elsewheres (seb  3.048)

seb 3.067


 Nov/Dec 22

tmf 3.421, tfm 2.002, tmf 1.900

tmf 3.421

tmf 2.002

tmf 1.900