*dedicated to Karen Barad, Rosi Braidotti, Donna Haraway and Bruno Latour


The project’s intention was to explore the framework of my actant (computer & C4D software) in a series of experiments and disclose scenarios or entanglements that might arise from complex parameter inputs.

The setup was rudimentary: a camera circles inside the cavity of a torus and films emerging configurations. As material input, I inserted a shot of an earlier rendering, thus feeding the program only its own output. I tweaked the material and lighting parameters so that they affected each other in ways I could neither control nor predict. In about 1 of 1000 frames, a most peculiar and baffling scenario emerged.

Given the distinct and idiosyncratic neoplasia that emerged, I am inclined to assume that the algorithms implemented in the software contain shares of artificial intelligence. If not, the images indicate that “normal” algorithms enable the generation of novel shapes.

Karjalasta Kajahtaa/ Carelia Calling

Feb/Mar 23

Karjalasta Kajahtaa (Carelia Calling I, II, III)

Karjalasta Kajahtaa III

Karjalasta Kajahtaa II

Karjalasta Kajahtaa I

The Invisible Hand

Dec/Jan 23

Signamite, Grab, Crab




Submarine Embryonic Becomings

Nov 22

seb 3.025, Embryonic Elsewheres* (seb  3.048), seb 3.067 

*the title was inspired by Bayo Akomolafe and Alnoor Ladha: Perverse particles, entangled monsters and psychedelic pilgrimages: Emergence as an ontoepistemology of not-knowing, in: ephemera (2017), p. 819.

seb 3.025

Embryonic Elsewheres (seb  3.048)

seb 3.067


Oct 22

tmf 3.421, tfm 2.002, tmf 1.900

tmf 3.421

tmf 2.002

tmf 1.900