HERE.NOW.RAW. is part of a script that raises perspectives on how to deal with AI and the near futures that can be derived therefrom. It interrogates an epistemic uncertainty, a „trompe-l‘information“; who has written, said, sent, seen, or experienced what? Are we talking to bots or humans, are we seeing documents or fakes, is the information real or fictional? Who generated this text, where did this video come from, who designed HERE and who provided the details for the leak?

HERE.NOW.RAW. presents the AI start-up HERE (HEalth & REsearch), which plans to set up in the former Galeria Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz and pretends to design new alternative futures while aiming to optimise AI generation.
In the scenario presented, the artist2 was leaked two handouts as well as texts and scrap video sequences of the promo film HERE.NOW. with the request to present the material for the exhibition SERVICE. One handout is a promo flyer for the start-up HERE., the other a manual for a successful LEAK. They form the framework for the video presenting and subverting the narrative.
The video HERE.NOW.RAW. shows footage from the AI-controlled surveillance cameras of the 3d avatars of the employee SER and the dancers SIM, ULA, and TIO. The project turns out to be a SIM-ULA-TIOntheatre and experimental test laboratory for data extraction.

The video HERE.NOW.RAW. was presented in the exhibition SERVICE at Kunstpunkt Berlin in August 23. 

Videostills HERE.NOW.RAW. 

Exhibition space for video HERE.NOW.RAW. presented at SERVICE, Kunstpunkt Berlin in August 23. 

Photo: Aaron Pollmann