human resources 4.0

HR 4.0 Department 3: the flexible personality

“I call this ideal type the _flexible personality_. The word “flexible” alludes directly to the current economic system, with its casual labor contracts, its just-in-time production, its informational products, and its absolute dependence on virtual currency circulating in the financial sphere. But it also refers to an entire set of very positive images, spontaneity, creativity, cooperativity, mobility, peer relations, appreciation of difference, openness to present experience. If you feel close to the counter-culture of the sixties-seventies, then you can say that these are _our_ creations, but caught in the distorting mirror of a new hegemony. It has taken considerable historical effort from all of us to make the insanity of contemporary society tolerable.”

Brian Holmes, The Flexible Personality: For a New Cultural Critique